Jane Đoàn

<em>Jane</em> Đoàn

Jane Doan considers herself to be an ordinary woman with an extraordinary passion for feminity and romance. Jane believes that femininity is sexy. It is rooted in one's cheerful heart, kind thoughts and gentle gestures to transform into something powerful and profound. It is with this philosophy that Jane founded Gaieté. A homage to women's inner beauty with a message that what one wears does not define who she truly is. It is her values that give life and character to the clothes she wears.

Inspired by joie de vivre and freedom

Gaieté speaks to all those hearts yearning for the delicate scent of flowers, the inspiring hues of the sky, the warming hug of sunlight, and the gentle touch of a summer breeze. Gaieté garments avoid bold twists and modernised details; instead, they embrace meticulous stitching work and romantic vintage details that infuse each creation with timeless elegance. Gaieté proudly embodies the genuine values of feminity by celebrating an inner beauty fueled by the carefree and joyful spirit of lighthearted souls.

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